One of my first photos when using the macro lens! I take close ups all the time but macro is a whole new species of fun!!   Took this during the 2017 summer (before the West Coast fires hit us all) at the Rocky Mtn Front.  The actual ‘flower’ is the following size:









some pine branches



a little flower and its occupant


IMG_3895 (2)



It has been a long time since I have been on. I am sure many followers have found new homes by now. I do not blame them.  I have been untrustworthy to write every week let alone every day.  I am participating with a group of their local  writers  for NaNoWriMo!   I learned about how to do word sprints in a word war.  I did not win but I did write!  This particular “theme” and title was ‘A Pub Crawl’.  There was a small description stating where someone can be or would they may see or experience. One does NOT have to follow that prompt or even write for that prompt, it is just to get your creative juices flowing.  Mine flowed!  Yay!  Now, I have said this before but I am trying to start all new years goals now!  One is definitely to start writing daily.  Some way, Some how.  So. I am going to share my little prompts with you all. The 1st paragraph was only limited to  5 minutes and the 2nd was for 15 and the last one was for 30 minutes. One did not worry about spelling or punctuation. VERY hard for me to ignore! **   Disclaimer:  I have never been to the city of London, just the airport.  I do not know if there are actually any pubs or buses such as I describe here. This was all in my own imagination and words.  Any depiction to anyone or thing or place is purely coincidental **

Sherlock Pub 1

Ok We are here! I was so excited! the trip to London has been so much fun in everything we do. even when we go to eat has been an adventure! But this! This pub! this is the Peak of the trip! I soaked everything in as I walked to our booth. They were not kidding that this was all decorated and themed to honor Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes character and books.  The place was all made of dark woods and tapestries as well as leather armchairs by the fireplace. The bar was a long wood bar with the usual bar stools but the bartender was dressed as Dr. Watson! He looked fabulous! There were pipes everywhere. On the walls used as lights and on the edges of the bars to hold items and so forth. the place was warm and cozy and quiet eccentric. As we sat down, I noticed that there are also newspaper clippings.

The clippings had the headlines and stories of Sherlock  cases.  It was so cool that they made them look so aged from the 1800’s as well. they were either under glass, lamination or even in frames throughout the pub. Made it interesting reading while waiting for drinks. as we sat there, sipping our ales, admiring and discussing Doyle and his stories and life as well a large group of young men came into the pub. They were all dressed either as Watson or Holmes and a few as the Inspector Lestrade! It was fun until they became loud and boisterous. Shouting every few minutes “elementary my dear Watson!” and they started wandering around the pub and peering into people’s tables and booths even creeping behind the bar with magnifying glasses. It was fun to watch but can get annoying. forget any credible conversation. Must’ve been Sherlock- con in town. I said. we had finished our beer and decided to leave to go to the next pub but this sure was an event I will never forget.

Highwayman Tavern Pub 2

We ended up into the center of London this time at a place called the Highwayman Tavern. It was like walking into a financial institute–like in wall street. patrons were dressed in suits and ties including the  female presence. We felt very underdressed but still sauntered in. We were looked at as if the peasant dickens wrote about walked in and they had a snobbish look on their face as if they were expecting us to say

“Please sir, may I have some more?” we sat down on some plush booth seating and ordered some small dark ales. the bartender and waitress both even “humphed” their answer to our order!

I don’t get it. But the atmosphere was kind of cold. there was dark woods again, but had chrome and glass for the windows and décor. Behind the bar was a large mirror that also had a metal framing the mirror which was so

shiny it almost looked as if it was too a mirror. there was fancy crystal glasses and cups hanging above the bartender. She wore a tight grey vest and no shirt. her skirt we noticed when she walked out from behind was a short  black a-line skirt and high stilettos. Her long blond hair and dark makeup completed the outfit. the waitresses were pretty much the same. it was quiet with the talking to soft conversations and a few tvs were on showing either news, sports or financial news. the walls were of wood and metal panels alternating throughout the pub. pictures were of the buildings of old and new of the financial district and of the Royal family.

We were sitting under Prince Albert and the Queen. They did not approve of us sitting there as their portrait frowned down on us. We decided it was time to go too here.

The Counselor Pub 3

By the this time we have decided we are starving! Though the ales have plenty of barley and nutrient it wasn’t enough to satisfy our stomachs. So, our local friend and guide, Harry, offered another place that is also a pub but serves food called the The Counselor. We thought, OK, we trust you. let’s go. After all, you took us to these past two places. So, we all gathered onto the Big Red Bus (you know the ones I am talking about–the double deckers! ) only (and i have a sneaking suspicion that this was planned ahead of time) this was in the theme of Harry Potter! We get on and sit on the lower deck.. why not the upper deck? because Harry was on the lower so there. Anyway, the bus driver looked freakishly awfully close to the boy in the movies. either they got this actual real bus driver to do the movie or this was also a similarity. I looked at my friends and said “cosplay seems to be thing in London” . We laughed pretty good. the bus driver did not.

There  was a mini skull hanging by the bus driver and they did a paint or screen job on the windows to look like Harry Potter witches and wizards riding along with you on the seat. One can still see out the windows though. We get to our next stop and pay the boy in galleons and left down the steps that magically appeared before us to step onto. Actually it wasn’t magic it was a lever the driver pulled but it was fun to think so!

We wandered into the pub and found a nice square table at the end of the room. It had a theme of the law. You can see pictures (painting and photos) of the Parliament building and its members all around the room. Again, there was heavy dark and light woods for the tables, chairs, the booths and walls, the bar at the other end was the usual heavy woods but this time it was set up a bit higher than the rest of the room and looked more like a judge’s bench than a bar–only much longer. I wandered over to approach the bench and asked the bartender for a “fizzy” . He was dressed as a Judge. Wearing a long black cloak, this one had arms so he could work, and a white powdered wig. He made my “fizzy” which was a soda, by the way, and made my heart jump by slamming the gavel down that was next to him on the bar. WHAM! ” Your Fizzy has been released!” WHAM! again. I said thank you and scurried over to my table. My heart was going thump-thump thump really fast. THe wait staff was dressed as bailiffs and took our orders. I was not that adventurous in the food Court so I ordered plain old fish and chips and the tell you the Verdict was AMAZING! WHAM! The clean up crew were dressed up in prison work uniforms and started to clean up our dishes as we were finishing up. We all ordered more drinks before we hit the road again. I noticed that on one side of the room all the long tables were set up side by side and benches were used to sit on. Kinda reminded me of a jury watching us as this was facing out into the pub. These tables were situated along the wall that went up to the Judge’s Bar where i got my Fizzy. I then saw that on the other side, there were more normal tables and chairs there was still one that seated a couple and was on the other side of the bar and faced the pub and “jurors’. That said to me “testimony” table. There was even an ornate railing that was on the side and behind that table and in front of the bar as well as on either side of the long tables where the jurors sat. We all sat there, kinda quiet and sipping our beer feeling quite judged as the “traitor rebels”. Cameron pointed out that we were actually sitting at the table that was facing all these locations that I  mentioned  if we were the ones on trial! I thought. Ok. Where is Sherlock when you need him!?

We got our checks– they were written in two copies. One as a pub copy for business and one for us to keep this was written up to look like a scroll and as a Pardon and that we have Paid our Dues to Society and will be released on our recognizance into the city and to watch our manners from now on.

With that we head out and I breathed in big gush of …. car fumes! Oh well, this is a bustling city. THis has been THE day! I do not know what can top this!

***NOTE:  I wrote this in a comfy coffee café called Morning Light here in Great Falls, MT on a snowy day at 10 degrees.  🙂






An afternoon of contemplation and traveling far, far away in the mind. To places one can only dream about. I have visited some of the places I dream of–but desperately wish I can go back and take my family with me. img_6802


Graceful.  I viewed many of the posts for this challenge and not surprised to see so many with the winged species.  I had a hard time choosing as well but this photo (of another bird!)  reminds me of a day full of grace and happiness, though a bit rushed more than I like it was still an awesome day. I was with my youngest teen and my dad at the Japanese Tea Gardens at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.  I haven’t been home in years and never was able to take my daughters to this location.  My oldest is in North Carolina, so unfortunately she was unable to be there but I dragged my 17 yr old to this and she loved it!  She loves the Asian arts and culture (besides anime and manga)as well, so this place fit.

Well, for a few brief moments, I had serenity to myself.  Even with other tourists there– not many– I had a peaceful moment and time seemed to stop for a-bit.   I watched and fell in love with this crane as he slowly and gracefully sauntered across the grass to the pond.  He did not seem disturbed by the fact that I was on a wooden bridge just a few feet away being his paparazzi.  He would stand and slowly stretch his wings to expand long and wide and with a lazy flap close up them again and continue forward again.   I was in heaven.  The air was damp and quiet despite it being August and it just made the journey there seem like I had landed in time & place lost in the past.  Everything there seemed to be of Grace and in strolling along the paths, along the green, along the ponds seemed to be slow and graceful in all movements. The curving paths, the coy swimming in graceful ripples to the elegant art in architecture. I am not making this to be more deep into this word than what word actually is defined. Sometimes, being graceful is being in simplicity and being in simplicity is…just–is.  Not overdoing it and enjoying the moments of one’s life.  Like we did that day.

There is so much for that day but I know Kenzie and I will treasure it for all time!  I have added a couple of more photos that also translate this Graceful feeling to me.


That statement is summarizing me, I finally realize.

I am ALWAYS re-starting a project, a desire, an old or new project.  BUT then I get stuck.  I either get a writer’s block or I get interrupted or lost a train of thought and then I do not finish whatever I am doing.  Too many times I find myself standing at a ‘train station platform’ watching the creative train leave without  me and I just stand there at a loss and dumbfounded of what to do next.  When I am brave enough to board once more, I see how far I get (which is not very far) then I get discouraged and do not want to complete whatever I am doing.  Does anyone else get this way?  I am sure there are, however, I have not run into those folks or they do not want to admit it!


YET!  This year I want to be different from my normal past self.  I am going to do all that I said that I wanted to do– if possible.  I want to go to Spain– that ain’t happening but I can go to Yellowstone!  I WILL GO TO YELLOWSTONE!  “Ok”, you say, “Go”.  You see, it is a big deal to me as I had wanted to go there for winter shooting with the camera club for a few years now and never been able to do so.  This year, I somehow will do this.

I will write more!  I say this EVERY YEAR just like I will lose the weight and get more exercise and even pick up my drawing again as well.  I am 50 and feel like I have been standing still as the world swirls around me and leaving me behind.  I am tired of being left.   I may even go back to school and get a Masters.  Who knows?  I wish I did. It would make planning a lot easier!

I am not ranting or venting.  I am thinking this is the pep talk to myself to FINALLY shut up and TO DO instead.  Oh, I know not everything can or may be done–financial is one problem and finding the time.  I know I will not do a daily post at this time as I have to find a place for internet access and many close by the time I get off work. So, if anybody is actually reading this pep talk– know it will probably be done on a weekly basis.  Baby steps.  I am inspired by many of the people I follow here and that is bringing some of the passion back into my soul.  In fact, that can be one of my new titles to something……hmmmmmm…..

  So this year of 2017 – I WILL….no, I PROMISE myself.

I will….laugh more, love more, create more, write more, be artistic more,  shoot more, travel more, save money more, get healthy more………..BE MORE.  

Not necessarily in this order.

Getting Started again.

…………………………now, if just could learn how to fix my house, I might be all set!

“Spare me the story!”  It is the excuses I hear from people calling in for tech support for their computers, laptops, tablets…printers, etc.  UGH!  Printers!  They are the worst!  I hate troubleshooting printers.

What is the most frustrating is dealing with the folks who need their computer fixed NOW and it has been ‘broken’ for weeks but delayed calling in until that last moment and need it now.  I believe, they call this Procrastination.  Cannot throw stones on something I am famous for but, man, people, use some common sense!  If you know your laptop will not turn on and you start school in the fall– call when the problem occurs and if repairs are needed one will have the time to get the unit repaired and ready for you by the fall!

Alas, that is not the way the public thinks.

It all gets to sound the same after awhile.  I sit in my open box and wait for calls–there is usually not much waiting as there are ALWAYS calls in the queue.  And there is usually the first line once the acknowledgements of a live human is now on the air of, ” I am not computer literate.” or ” Do you speak English?”.  That particular question though quite understood, still gets under the skin. Especially since I am working for an American company and was born in California and currently living in Montana (long story there) and is an Air Force Vet– I still privately get offended.

It is true folks, when the senior citizens call in for their dial up (dial-up!) issues, or the HP PC Touchscreen is not responding, we will quite often ask if a child or a teen is in the house.  I have personally been able to give trouble-shooting instructions to a 9 year old to fix grandpa’s PC since grandpa does not where the power button is.

However, not all is evil. There are times I feel bad for those that call in and do try sincerely to help them.  Like when a senior lady called in because she couldn’t figure out why her Touchscreen won’t turn on. I do the usual,”is it plugged in?” Yes? ok. ” Is the it plugged into a socket with a light switch on the same wall?” (sometimes that matters as the light controls that socket). With this lady, all was in place, lights were on properly, but the unit was not turning on. Hmmm. Finally, I ask, “where are pressing to turn on the computer?” after a brief description of the location and the symbol– it was certain–she was pressing on the LOGO and not the power!  Once this was explained she a bit embarrassed but happy that she now go on Facebook to see her grand-kids.

blurry screen

SPARE ME THE STORY!  The sob story how it all happened when they were not looking or it just happened all on it’s own!    As a tech we have heard it all! Some are even confessions. They urinated on the laptop, threw it down concrete stairs or  out the window. One guy admitted to throwing it into his apartment’s pool. Someone’s cousin did a WWF move onto the couch which the laptop was sitting-not bothering a soul and was Crushed!  yes, this big guy CRUSHED the poor thing!  People will not tell us what may have caused the issue but when sent in for service the pictures tell all!  The cockroach infestations living in towers, the liquids (of all and any kind) found on motherboards or other computer devices, the missing parts whether inside or out.  Bullet holes in screens or through the body.  (that can be easily understood,actually) and even fire damage.  Then the customers do not understand why it cannot be repaired. There is so much, there is not enough space to enter!  I have dealt with great customers and some of the worst where even I will end up crying.  To some we are a miracle workers and to others we are Satan spawn to make their life hell. Never-mind that they are the ones who called US!

I had one caller who makes my “WTF? Hall of Fame”.  His name was so long it took up 2 full lines and that was just the last name!  His accent was so thick (Hungarian?, Polish?, a prior Iron Curtain country or with a new name ) that I could barely understand him and he accused me for lying about not speaking ENGLISH! ME?! He said I was from India and had a HORRIBLE ENGLISH ACCENT!  I was flabbergasted!  This ONE I was NOT going to take lying down.  I told him that he was speaking to a true blue American born in California, raised in both Nevada and California. 3rd and 4th generation American and I was an United States Air Force Veteran!  (because he angrily accused me for not speaking English in the beginning of the call-he never even told me what his COMPUTER issue was and it didn’t matter to me because folks, I did something that is a big No-No!  I hung up on his %$%#%!.

Another male human called in one time and when I answered he immediately stated that he wanted to speak to a technician and not to the secretary. I would like to remind people that this is in the 21st century. I stated that I AM the technician and he responded quite arrogantly that woman are not technicians, they are the secretaries and to get a real tech on the line as he was tired of talking to a woman who doesn’t know what she is blabbing about. Well, okaaay. So this blabbing woman who also happens to have a Bachelor of Science of Information Technology and 10 years of USAF, 2 years of being a Court Judicial Assistant and an Event Manager in a teleconferencing company who had clients such as IBM, Kodak, companies and people in the  political, medical, legal, business, computer  and entertainment fields PLUS the 5 years of tech support on top of all that (just the tip) and asked some of the male techs to take the call. This “man” was on hold for over 30 minutes before he finally hung up.  No one would take his call as he insulted most of the floor that night. (most were women and only a few guys working that night!)

BUT!  BUT!   I have had plenty share of good people who try very hard or fine with the process of support. They tell jokes, laugh at my jokes, are kind and sincere and some I want to adopt!  🙂  there are the ones who are pleased and excited that a simple ESD works to turn their unit back on and all is good in the virtual world again! So I hope you, as the reader, did not say  SPARE ME YOUR STORY!  but enjoyed anyway!  Be nice to your tech–they are trying hard to help you…and not pull their hair out when you are on mute!

Just Kidding.  🙂







Blogging is HARD!  I never have the time to write and when I do– I don’t know what the hell to write about!  I try to use the recommendations  as well as topics given but every time I try to “share” or connect with those to follow and write under the given suggestions…I…well…it…it…it just doesn’t!

I am doing something wrong and even when reading the helpful hints or explanations (which I even saved onto my favorites) I still get it wrong!

I need help. Serious help.

I wish there was an actual class I can go to. With actual live-in-person humans to assist me with my idiocy!   Even a weekend or one day class would help!

Oh well, I just may have to pick archive stuff or stuff I had actually used pen and paper to write and enter them into the blog.  Now the internet cafe I am at is about to close so I will have to end my little tired tirade and try again tomorrow————again. 😦


PS:  My daughter is trying her own blog (probably to best me!) of her owning a rabbit. she is on and named Bonita the Bunny.  {and if it sounds like we live in a barn–well, with this indoor RUS (Rabbit of Unusual Size) , a KING shepherd and even 3 fish — we SMELL like we do! }.  I told my family if there is ever an emergency or I need paramedics to put me on the porch so the Responders’ don’t go into the house!  They will think everything is dead and not find me!


And in Honor of my Great-Grandfather Emil Rosenberg who wrote poetry as well.  My mom always told me that she thought I was one of the lucky ones who received a piece of my great grandpa’s soul as I was the only (at the time) born with the blue-green eyes and wrote poetry and do the creative arts as he did.  Unfortunately, I no longer have my red hair (like he did) it is now brown –with auburn and some gray highlights!  And my eyes are now a hazel with gold specks but I still create!  Ah..the process of age (sigh)….I like to think they younger generations in our family  have continued with these traits such as my daughters and my cousin’s daughters!  Well,  anyway, these 3 are all I have from mom.  I am sure there was more but maybe this is what she had left.  I added my photography to his poetry. So without further ado…Copy of G.Grampas and mine poetry with photos 2

I went ahead and cropped but on using the ‘same paper’ as my grandpas’ I added a couple of simple, fun poems and a photo of my own. A weird way of connecting with him, I guess.

G.Grampas and mine poetry with photos (2)

Share your creative thoughts and a family members if you want! Take care and see you all soon!


Winter Wolf Colorado.jpg

Nature’s harmony.   Harmony can actually attach to so many meanings. With music. With nature. With the human race. With the Universe.  Harmony, to me, is being able to exist in peace and understanding with one another. To be able to play against and along with one another. To hear music play whether it is one instrument played by a musical artist or an entire symphony. When one can hear the wolf howling alone in the wilderness or among its pack calling to one another. I hear the harmony in nature when I can hear the water gurgling among the rocks or the waves crash against the shore. Nature is harmony when the sunsets among the mountains or hear a summer storm echo on the plains. People everywhere are ready for the day and work to make the life go around. Harmony

I feel the harmony even at night when the universe reveals itself. Harmony is beauty. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which makes the variety of the multitude of eyes on our blue planet that see beauty in their own way — a harmony to hear and see.


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